Providing suitable assistance to various long-term care facilities in our community.
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BELAIR PHARMACY is here to provide you with the pharmaceutical services you need for your long-term care facility. We are committed to helping you keep your residents healthy and ensure they receive the right medications. Our pharmacy has a 24-hour emergency line and fax line so that we can address your concerns during situations when you need them most.

With our assistance, you will be able to focus on delivering better care to your patients. We offer flexible services, review your residents’ needs, and work together with you and other healthcare providers to promote their overall health.

We can provide your facility with the following:

  • Prompt Prescriptions Delivery
  • Comprehensive Medication Reviews
  • Customized MAR and Physician Order
  • Vaccination On-Site
  • Customized Bubble Packs
    Single Med Pack

    The Single Med Pack – This is our most popular bubble pack where each medication is administered singly. This pack is easy to manage and adaptable to therapy change. The number of packs is equal to the number of medications the client is using.

    Weekly Pack

    The Weekly Pack – This pack is particularly beneficial to clients who have been taking the same medications for a while. All their medications will be stored in one pack every week. There are 4 packs per month. While this pack is the easiest to administer, it is not flexible to change in therapy.

    Time/Dosage Pack

    The Time/Dosage Pack – Different medications taken at the same time are grouped together in one pack. Packs will contain medicines for morning, afternoon, evening, and even daycare. Each resident will have 3-5 packs per month. Although this is easy to administer, it is not quite flexible to therapy change.

  • Customized Needs Satisfaction Program
  • Medical Supplies and Diabetic Shoes
  • Diabetes Education

If you have any inquiries regarding this service, you may call us at 410-601-3136 or send us a message online.

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